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Boob started up as an idea when founder Mia Seipel saw her sister breastfeed her baby boy in 1999. It was fall and they were sitting outside having a coffee. To Mia, it just looked unnecessary complicated to get access to the breast and her sister’s post-pregnancy belly seemed exposed to the wind. This is how the idea for Boob nursing wear was born: Clothes with an easy access overlap opening over the bust. It is a patented invention that today has become a favorite among mothers all over the world. Boob now stands for smart wear for women during pregnancy and in the early stages of motherhood – made with care, highest quality material and a careful regard to our environment and future.
Mia took the time to talk to us and answer some of our questions so that today we can present Boob to you in an extensive interview:

How did the idea of wanting to cater to your need develop into a business?

It took about a year to go from the first prototype to production and then another year before business took off. When you come with a new idea and a new product you have to get a buzz started to get known. But mothers are a great group of target that spread the word quickly.

What makes your product stand out from other?

Our patented solution for nursing has proofed to be functional. To put it simple you have direct access to the breast and can breastfeed in comfort and almost invisible. We also produce our clothes with great care for everyone involved in the process. People as well as environment. We know that this is something that is, and are becoming more and more, important for many of our customers as they have a natural interest in making choices that are good also for the next generation.

boob motherhood nursing brand

You have a great online shop and established many partnerships with physical retailers. Maybe you could tell me a bit about the development that brought you this far?
When Boob was introduced to the market we did it through retailers both online and with physical shops. In 2008 we opened up our own Boob webshop and we have been focusing on co-operations with ambassadors which has created great results in social media, which drives our growth besides SEO and SEM as marketing channels.
In the more traditional sense of marketing in the fashion business, we have been participating at international trade shows in Europe as well as in the US. This year for example we participated at Playtime in Paris. For us trade shows are an opportunity to meet many of our retailers in a short time as well as presenting the brand to new contacts. Of course trade shows have to be complemented with customized approaches for new business and visits and meetings at site with existing customers.

How do you see the future of fashion trading in the b2b environment? 

The increase of online business fits us, our group of target and product great. As for physical shops I think we will see new creative ideas that give the customers add-on in terms of an experience. I also believe there will be more combinations of online/offline business. I think the future is super exciting and we see great potential for Boob to grow.

We too are excited to see the next steps for Boob! Thank you very much for taking the time to talking to us, Mia, and much success for the future!


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