The children’s fashion market in Germany

Germany, a country with a problematically low child birth rate per woman, offers nevertheless a wide variety in the children’s clothing segment. With surely more than 100 Brands and 2000 specialized retailers crowding the market there are lot of different things to see. The general children’s fashion market is evaluated at an annual revenue of  2.8 billion Euro and has been decreasing slightly compared to the last year. Nowadays a fourth of the revenue is already made online, a promising future for e-commerce.

The children’s fashion segment in Germany

On average parents spend 1400 Euros on the first clothing and accessories for their newborn and then 300 Euro per year over the growth of the child. Harnessing this trend the offer in affordable children’s clothing by brands like C&A, H&M, Primark or even German player Ernsting’s Family is increasing while at the same time special, selected collections become more and more refined. While some spend less other seek to dress their little ones in luxury mimicking the style of adults.

Our local fashion hub in Stuttgart remains, with some brands even producing locally and at the same time the number of foreign children’s clothing brands that can be found in the shelves of German retailers is increasing. Here as well we can see how our world is getting smaller: It’s hard to imagine a child’s wardrobe without brands like Boboli, Petit Bateau or Name It. This trend also works the other way around with more and more German brands finding their way into international waters. Sanetta, Bellybutton, Playshoes and Blue Seven for example are especially popular with our Dutch neighbors.

Every year we see new textiles, new colors and new brands emerging – The German children’s clothing market is as interesting as ever. In the last years especially green labels, favoring organic sustainable and locally close production, have been on the rise. You can check out a collection of five kid’s fashion brands from Berlin here.

Children’s fashion on FashionTrade

On FashionTrade the first children’s brands are represented and starting to connect and do business with retailers all around Europe. You can sign up here to be one of them.


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