Expanding interest for Poland and Showroom

Talking to different retailers both in the Netherlands and in Germany, we have heard a lot of interest for the Polish market. Poland seems to be the promised land for fashion brands these days. More and more retailers in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan and other cities are reaching out to Dutch and German brands to be represented in their store.

Expanding interest for entering the Polish market among Dutch & German brands

Poland is the European Union’s eighth largest market in terms of sales: Its fashion industry alone is valued at around 7 billion Euro (2015) and employs over 150.000 people across 17.000 firms according to Piechociński. We focus on the children’s clothing market which last year has expanded at a rate of 3.2% and is expected to close with a growth rate of 5% this year. The interest for Dutch brands to enter the Polish market is thus a very well funded wish.

Brands wishing to expand into Poland will find retailers who are actively searching for a connection to established and also emerging children’s fashion labels. More and more Polish families also look to the Netherlands, Belgium or France to clothe their children in organic and sustainable material. And on the other hand there are Polish brands like the longtime famous Coccodrillo or young label Gapula being featured in more and more stores in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris.

Showroom – A platform for young designers opening in Germany, the Polish platform for young designers, has expanded its activity to Germany offering their service to emerging labels now online. According to their own description Showroom aims to present a curated selection of independent fashion designers and labels on their online platform. In addition to the already featured Polish brands, for the launch in Germany brands like Feralstuff with prints for women, Erb et Boe, the jewelry manufacturer Eins Berlin, Munich-based Grace Maier, Laura-Marie Schneehage dedicated to High-Street Fashion, Margot&Me by Jenny Bernheim and Paula Immich, who is inspired by the non-conformity of Berlin, have joined the group.

Jasiek Stasz, Co-Founder of Showroom tells Textilwirtschaft that there are 900 products available on the site and that the first reactions after the German launch in terms of revenue and returns are very positive. Currently a tv-spot is aired on German tv Pro Sieben and Sat 1 and is thought to launch the brand awareness competing with long established platforms like Zalando.

Since 2012 Showroom belongs partly to Munich-based Media group Hubert Burda who probably also pushed for the German expansion. In addition to the presented designs, some of Showroom’s featured labels also offer custom solutions upon request.


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