FashionTrade explanation video

You don’t need to wait to be part of our beta customers to take a look at FashionTrade, as we have prepared a sneak peek for you: A short animation video explaining our business enabling your business to grow.

Introducing FashionTrade in video format

You will see that makes B2B buying and selling as simple as shopping online. Why shouldn’t it be, anyhow? The logic is the same: You select the items from the brand you love, place it in your basket and proceed to checkout. Financial checks, payment conditions and delivery settings can be handled automatically and do not need to be discussed every time.

FashionTrade does this and much more as the marketplace brings brands and retailers together on one single platform instead of various places for each brand. Brands and retailers can find each other easily, build new relationships and work more efficiently.

FashionTrade is not just about shopping but also about showcasing: Both retailers and brands have their own profile page. A public profile page that can serve those that do not have a web presence as online business card and a more detailed profile page, only accessible upon agreement of both parties. In this way you can customize FashionTrade to your own needs. Retailers can visualize assortments conveniently online – all brands are displayed equally so that a virtual showroom can emerge. This enhanced overview saves retailers time and drives their profitability with smart buying through our one-stop-marketplace.

FashionTrade on web and mobile

In addition to our website we will introduce a native mobile app for iOS devices that will allow sales representatives to directly communicate with their clients, offer customized assortments and promotions to drive the availability of merchandise in retail stores and to improve sell-through rates and margins.

But that’s not all: Using market data analytics from the platform, brands can benefit from buyer behavior insights to optimize their design and production. Retailers can ensure better availability and optimized stock levels in their stores, resulting in more satisfied consumers. Read more about our approach to big data, how we collect it and how you can use it to your advantage.

There is so much you can do through FashionTrade:

  • Find new potential retailers matching your brand
  • Discover new brands for your retail store
  • Prepare showroom visits to make them more efficient
  • Get access to market based data, trends and forecasts

FashionTrade is accessible anytime, anywhere so your business is always moving ahead. Smarter selling for brands. Better buying for retailers. Start driving your business growth today.


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