Future of Fashion trade

The landscape of fashion is changing. With every passing season we are under the impression that our once beloved trade shows are fading out – less red carpet, fewer locations, simpler stands and more underground parties.

What is growing incessantly in the fashion industry as well as in all other segments though is the online counterpart.

We see fashion shows going online, connecting to ecommerce solutions and offering an online experience that was once enjoyed offline. More and more brands open up their own store, not only dedicated to the b2c customer but also to b2b retailers who can shop online conveniently at any time.

Continuous online order taking: preorder, order, reorder

Of course, we are also part of the game. With FashionTrade and other tools continuous order taking, as opposed to order taking twice a year at trade events, is now the norm. We pre-order, order and re-order online just like we do for our personal wardrobes on b2c fashion websites. The most disrupting part of FashionTrade and other platforms is that we bring together many brands into one place: Just like an offline marketplace a retailer now only goes to one place to find all of his or her brands. And obviously, discover new brands while he or she is browsing the platform.

Interconnectedness of online offline experience

Additionally, there is another interesting new trend to be observed: The interconnectedness of the online and offline world creating an interesting overlapping experience for the customer. Barcodes, promotions, virtual showrooms and intelligent mirrors are just a few of the examples that show how traditional offline commerce can be combined with on-the-go, always-available and global online trading. is growing to take a chunk of this market: On our online marketplace you will be able to connect with new retailers and brands, visualize their new collections, inquire about order quantities, stock levels, pre-packaged sets and payment conditions before easily placing your order online. The important thing to note is that you can access all your brands in one place. Once you have placed your order all your information is stored – for retailers as well as for brands.

On the one hand you as a retailer know how much you have ordered from which brand, how much it has cost you and taking into account your own store information you can easily do the math to figure out how much stock is left, how much revenue the brand has brought and how the sell-through-rate has performed this season. This information allows you to better allocate your resources next time around and to scout for brands that are similar to your best-performing brands in store today.

The brand, on the other hand, stores all information regarding the sales made with the different retailers and can, at any point in time, look back at the different seasons, months or collections and see their performance. Who has bought the most? Which retailer has shown the highest order increase? Which item has been the best selling for the season? On which collection has the demand for pre-order or re-order been the highest? There are many more questions that can be asked and answered with the use of data collected on the past purchased – All this information is there to improve the brand’s performance for the next season.

Intelligent market data for decision making

Using aggregated data will not only yield information on the own performance but might also open up new business opportunities upon taking a look at the best selling retailers for a certain market segment, for a certain brand or for a certain target audience. Where do people who like my brand live? Is there a retail store close by that does not yet carry my brand? What other brands to my top retailers sell and which are the best selling retailers for those brands? Can I get in touch with them and sell my brand to them as well? Knowledge gives power to the brand!

FashionTrade is an independent platform that collects such information with the aim of providing it back to the community – in an aggregated and anonymised format. In this way we all benefit from our transparency.

Now that you’ve read so much about us. Aren’t you curious to try it out?


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