Kid’s Fashion Brands from Berlin

In the past ten years Berlin has grown into a fashion hotspot, there is a lot going on especially in the area of small emerging labels. We have strolled the streets of the German capital and visited ateliers virtually to give you an overview of the new labels that are making an impact on the children’s clothing market. Come join us on this tour of kid’s fashion brands from Berlin:


MONKIND is a family run business by Valeria Popov and Stewart Hill. They describe themselves as “a fashion designer, a musician and two little explorers”.  MONKIND stands out for handmade products, organic and sustainable production and a beautiful store – atelier in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

German children's fashion brands

With a strong background in fashion and design Valeria creates beautiful cuts and patterns for her children’s and baby’s wear. Currently MONKIND is only selling in Germany, in their own online and Kreuzberger offline store and two selected retailers throughout the city of Berlin, but it seems MONKIND will soon be represented in other countries like the United States, Australia, Japan and Russia. So stay tuned and meanwhile take a look at their collection! 

Noé & Zoë

Noé & Zoë, a label created and run by Nicol Zinell out of Prenzlauerberg in the north of Berlin, focuses on organic and local production in PortugalOther than baby and children’s clothing, Noé & Zoë offers dresses for women, homewear like pillows and bedding and a wide array of extremely cute accessories.

Noe & Zoe collection for children

You can order from their online store from all around the world as shipments are made to Europe, the United States of America, Canada and even New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Kuwait. Internationally the label is represented by Vida Kids in London and it is very probably that you will run across the colorful and thought-through collections during your holidays in one of the currently 132 retail stores.

Petit Cochon

Petit Cochon, French for little piglet, was founded by Selina and Friederike, mothers of three children who love simple, yet beautiful designs. Looking for pretty and at the same time practical clothing for their kids, they started to produce their own. Petit Cochon is special for its simple form, comfortable cuts and refined details.

It also stands for natural materials, a fair production out of Berlin and clothing that grows with your children so you can keep their favorite pieces for a long time or even hand them down to younger siblings.

Children's fashion label Petit Cochon

Currently you can buy their collection in their store on Platz der Luftbrücke, in six other selected retailers in Berlin or visit their online store here.

German fashion label for kids Petit Cochon

Bubble. Kid

Bubble.Kid Berlin surprises with many colors and bubbly designs just like the name suggests. The main characteristics are individualistic patterns, a production made in Germany and extremely comfortable textiles for everyday use.

German fashion brand Bubble Kid for children

In order to be able to stock Bubble.Kid in your store the agency Hans-Joachim Hesselbarth is active in sales representation within Germany and the inhouse own Bubble.Kid sales team will surely assist you with international expansion. From what we have seen on the website, the brand is currently sold through 12 online stores, 102 retailers in Germany and 3 shops internationally.

Charle Berlin

Last but not leastly, let’s take a look at Charle Berlin. Lead by Mandy Geddert the brand Charle Berlin focusses on organic textile and follows the standard set by the Gots (global organic textile standards). In addition, Charle is part of the iVN and the greenest green company label.

Kids clothing from Charle Berlin

The children’s wear collection can be characterizes as stylish without following or limiting itself to trends, suitable clothing for the whole year long and robust textiles that grow with the children and withstand many days on the playground.

Charle Berlin designs their collection for children from one to eight years old and produces only in Germany – In Berlin and in Saxony, the region around Dresden and Leipzig. Today there are sixteen retailers in Germany where you will be able to find the Charle look for your kids or you can opt to check out their online store with hats, tops and bottoms in different styles and colors. 


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