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FashionTrade translates into extensive market knowledge, disruptive technology and a better way of doing business. We have created a fashion wholesale marketplace for brands and retailers to connect, trade and grow.

Smarter selling, Clever buying leverages the power of the masses through the online shopping platform offering brands to sell their collections all year around and retailers to shop 24/7 from brands all around the globe. FashionTrade is a tool to make business smarter: it’s faster and less expensive, leaving time and budget for other things like trade show visits and relationship fostering. for Brands

Clothing brands, no matter the size, age and segment use FashionTrade to reach a wider audience, to get their collections in more stores worldwide and to omit costly middlemen. Once logged in to FashionTrade, brands have their own store on which they can showcase their current collection, their address book of retailers, access to marketing tools to promote special outfits or punctual specials and maybe most importantly a pool of retailers at their disposition to increase their business.

There are many use cases for FashionTrade, you can think of us as a simple online b2b ecommerce tool but also you can make much more of it:

  • If you wish to launch your business in a new country, FashionTrade will connect you with retailers there.
  • If you wish to expand your collection including organic textile, FashionTrade will make sure retailers looking for these clothes will be connected to you.
  • If you wish to increase your presence in your existing stores, FashionTrade will give you a way to easily reach out and push promotions to your retailers.

Think of us as an extension of your Sales team and come visit us now. for Retailers

Retailers, already connected to brands on the platform or not, join FashionTrade to enrich their assortment in store, to feature brands they otherwise would not have access to and to lower their costs of buying. For retailers FashionTrade means more business at a lower price.

You can access FashionTrade, and thus your brands’ assortments any time and from any place. Shopping on a Sunday morning from your breakfast table while the kids are out playing – no problem! Shopping on a Monday afternoon while it’s quiet in store but without being absent in case customers should come in – no problem!

  • For retailers who wish to have new brands in store for their customers, FashionTrade will select suitable brands and suggest a contact.
  • For retailers who wish to stock their store little by little throughout the year instead of just on two occasions, FashionTrade will display “never out of stock” items by selected brands.
  • For retailers who wish to make use of promotions of brands without looking through many catalogues, FashionTrade will directly push relevant promotions to them.

Think of us as an extension of your Purchasing team and come pay us a visit now. exists to enable smarter selling and clever buying – We are a tool both for retailers and for brands in the fashion industry. We enrich the buying and selling departments and connect to your existing tools. Our raison d’être is to make the fashion business more efficient, transparent and accessible.

Do you want to be part of this revolution?


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