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Pinterest – A collection of beautiful items you’ve seen somewhere on the web and organized on different boards like one board for your summer house at the beach, another board about cooking, and a third board with all things for children. Pinterest has always been a social shopping but now got even more powerful! Pinterest announced ‘Shopping with Pinterest’ making it more easier to buy from the site. This also sets Pinterest further apart from other social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

Add products from the boards you love

With these new features you can directly add products to your shopping cart, on the Pinterest website and mobile app, buying these products from different merchants all in one place. A new marketplace is born. In addition to the new buying feature on the Pinterest site, turning it into a competitor to many other shopping marketplaces, Pinterest also expands its already existing ‘buy pins’ for websites.

Shopping with Pinterest La Times

Use visual search to find the beautiful blue skirt

The visual attractiveness that have us brought to Pinterest in the past has become more useful as Pinterest introduces a visual search to let you search for similar products within a post. Image you see a beautiful blue skirt on one picture, but don’t know the name nor the brand, what do you do? Now the visual search lets you find similar blue skirts within the Pinterest universe.

From inspiration to actual purchase

Pinterest which has always been setting itself apart with the claim for for inspiration in topics like travel, cooking and crafts is one by one adding a whole new layer to this inspiration, making it actionable for the user and transactionable for the seller. Now on Pinterest you can discover, search and buy all kind of different items.

You can view more of the update directly on the Pinterest site.


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