Scandinavian children’s brands

LEGO figures thrown around, climbing on Brio wooden trains that wind their way through the children’s room, ducking through an IKEA chair and desk…Scandinavian brands all around us. And for a few years now, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and a few Finnish labels have found their ways into our wardrobe. To most Scandinavian fashion evokes simplicity, highest quality and no fuss. A straightness and functionality we also attribute with our Nordic friends – clear and honest. We know what we get or at least this is the imagery around ‘Scandinavianness’. Now with the first days of fall approaching we would like to present a selection of Scandinavian children’s brands to you. Let’s find out more about Mis Crios, Little Artichoke, Koolabah, Katvig and Mini Rodini.

Koolabah: for the little fashionista

Koolabah from Sweden caters to little fashionistas from 3 months to six years old. There are no differences between girl’s or boy’s collection, we are all equal here. Koolabah comes with minimalistic design, fun shapes, organic materials and clothing that is functional for playtime. The current AW1617 collection is inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm and as such you will not be surprised to find features the Little Red Cap, Hansel & Gretel or the Town Musicians of Bremen. Take a deep dive into the imagination and world of Koolabah.


Koolabah collection

Mini Rodini brings fun to all

Mini Rodini with t-shirts that look fun no matter what you do – even math homework look less tedious wearing Koala bear printed slacks. Mini Rodini was founded in Stockholm in 2006 as a “tribute to all children and their imagination and sense that everything is possible” as they proclaim. More than words, let’s let images speak for themselves.

Min Rondini collection

Min Rondini collection

Katvig’s dots and stripes

With a statement like ‘for the love of earth’, what kind of fashion do you expect? Katvig from Denmark stands for colourful clothing, organic materials and a sustainable way doing business. Since 2003 Katvig has brought comfortable prints to the little ones and their parents. Seeing the patterns makes us think of a lazy Sunday morning spent at home, jumping back and forth from the bedroom to the kitchen to get something sweet and a sip of coffee for the grown-ups and back to the living room, on the big comfortable couch reading a story together. These stripes and dots in all colours are perfect to combat the grey winter sky.

Nowadays you can find the brand in over 70 stores in Europe and of course their fun, interactive webshop.

Katvig collection

Mis Crios children’s and women’s fashion

From Finland comes Mis Crios – with a brand name that at first evokes a Spanish flair you will surely remember the beautiful timeless clothing made for children and women. Cecilia Sörensen, founder and designer, first introduced the brand at Playtime in Paris in 2015 and has since brought new ideas every season. She gives an interesting twist to the garment, reinterpreting women’s clothes for children given mother and daughter a nice way to mix and match, no matter the age and size. Mis Crios aims for using organic materials and quality in every aspect of their production in Barcelona, Spain and Tallinn, Estonia.

You can shop their collections on their webshop directly or in many selected stores all around Europe, one in the United States, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Mis Crios collection

Little Artichoke for the little ones

And for the youngest, we invite you to take a look at Little Artichoke – A brand offering handcrafted, unique clothes for infants and toddlers who wants to explore the world as the author of the blog Little Scandinavian puts it. A very classical mommy-brand story but unique designs will make you remember the clothing line by Michelle. Eco-friendly, GOT certified basic outfits for babies and toddlers (0-4 years old) with bold, colourful prints. What else do you need?

Little Artichoke collection

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