Best kid brands from Spain

After taking a look at inspiring children’s fashion brands from Berlin and our Nordic neighbors, we think it is time to go South. Let’s see what Spain has to offer in terms of children’s brands:

Nadadelazos – No frills; just straight forward clothing for fun kids!

Nadadelazos translates to ‘no bows’, meaning no frills and certainly no unnecessary glitter or ornaments for children’s clothing. Nadadelazos self-confess that they make ‘clothes for real kids’ – for children who play outside, get dirty and discover new things. The brand’s founders Kristina Laux and Roberto Visús feel that childhood might just be the most important time in a person’s life. A time that shapes who we become in the future. So, they say, let our children roam, let them be free both discovering the world but also in their minds, playing with their imagination and their creativity.

Kristina and Roberto’s collections are fun and colourful, with patterns and design that help children discover fantasy worlds and adventures, but that at the same time is comfortable to wear and do not limit them in their movements. Nadadelazos sources organic cotton for each clothing item and even uses recycled paper in their offices to make a better world for our children. And this is what the world according to Kristina and Roberto looks like:

Nadadelazos kidswear collection


Mon Marcel Barcelona – Ultimate softness for the little ones

Mon Marcel, a brand established in Barcelona in late 2010 and awarded with the Junior Design Awards only two years later in 2012, combines Mediterranean colors and the softest fabrics. They say that the ‘touch of softness and tenderness reminds them of the sensation of having a baby in our arms’ and indeed use only Fair Trade natural products. Mon Marcel designs clothes for children from newborns to four years old and is available online but also in selected retail stores all around the world. Explore highlights of their current winter collection:

Mon Marcel Barcelona collection

Babaà – made from Spain’s best

Babaà might have a French-looking accent but it’s 100% made in Spain, from every corner of the Iberian peninsula. The designs drawn up in Madrid, the wool from Andalucía, the cotton from Castilla y León and they all come together in their workshop in Cataluña. Marta Bahillo is the driving force behind Babaà and aims to provide the whole family with colorful, ever lasting sweaters.

Babaa kids collection

La choza de Carmela – for an endless summer

La choza de Carmela takes us back to the summer with an extensive collection of bathing suits and gorgeous hats and caps as accessories to protect the little ones from the sun. Does it come as a surprise to you that La choza de Carmela was founded in Sevilla, in the south of Spain? We think not. Carmen introduced the brand little over two years ago and is now selling online through her own store and social media presence – but also in showrooms and pop-up stores in Spain.

La Choza de Carmela

Motoreta – simple but sophisticated design from Sevilla

Cristina Lopez-Lago and Maria Llerena, both architects, created Motoreta about three years ago to bring simple but sophisticated designs with plain colors and clean shapes to children’s clothing.

Motoreta is still a young brand that aims to source everything sustainably and to produce locally in Andalucía, in the South of Spain. In this way, they are exporting the Sevillan know-how and craftsmanship to the world. As they put it themselves,  ‘Motoreta are garments and accessories for kids, very comfortable, with contemporary cutting, high quality and 100% made in Andalusia.’ Take a look at the southern colors they highlight:


Kitipongo – Growing up without seeming small

The brand Kitipongo was born in 2009 to create a new style in children’s clothing (0 to 8 years old) and is currently available online and in retail stores in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and South Korea. The brand from Madrid brings elegant, comfortable and fun designs with an urban feel and a fresh touch.

Kitipongo is growing up without seeming small. Kitipongo combines traditional materials with new designs and always pays special attention to the elaboration of the final product. The materials are carefully selected, in the summer Kitipongo uses cotton and linen and in winter 100% wool to give long-lasting clothing items that withstand the most fun experiences.


Pan con chocolate – details are the key

Pan con chocolate, another brand with a fun name! Pan con chocolate means chocolate croissant or bread with chocolate and is probably every child’s dream in the morning upon waking up. The brand was created in Bilbao, in the North East of Spain is characterised by its personal design and colorful textiles with tons of details.

Every season Pan con chocolate introduces two collections, one for babies (3 months to 4 years) and one for children (ages 2 through 14 years old) which includes a line for boys and one for girls. The company has grown quickly and its collections are now available in 17 countries from the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, through Europe with stores in Italy, Austria or the UK and as far as Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan.

Pan Con Chocolate

Omini – Fun prints and forms

Omini, a clothing brand for babies and children that accompanies them in their growth from the very first day of their lives until their 10th birthday. Omini – That is colorful prints and tribal patterns.

Fun images on sweaters and pants that inspire children and parents alike evoking fantastic worlds. Even though the brand is developed in Spain, Omini ships worldwide through their own online store. And in addition to great clothing, they offer beautiful pictures and stories that inspire parents on their blog with holiday ideas, recipes that the whole family will love and fun games to try out together.



Picnik – bold and intense born in Barcelona

Picnik – A fun summer outing with the whole family. A day outside with good food, tons of games and nothing else to do besides enjoying the sun and play outside. That’s what Picnik transmits with its moons, tents, arrows, zigzags and little birds as prints on the different t-shirts and pants.

Picnik means bold print and intense colors! Laura Armet and Jordi Pey, the brand’s founders say they make clothing for children and not adult’s clothing that children might wear! So far it has been going very well for the two designers from Barcelona: Their brand is a hit especially in Japan and South Korea! Nowadays they export 85% of their production and are featured in more than 150 stores worldwide. Picnik wants to grow even more but only if the production can remain in Barcelona.

Picnik kidswear collection


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