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Today we have the pleasure of introducing Sticky-Fudge, a fun children’s wear brand from South Africa. If you are thinking beautiful designs and outfits for the beach you are on the right track. In the interview you will find out much more about Sticky-Fudge, who is already present in 40 different countries and features a great online store which also serves as a national showroom, so read on:

How was the idea for Sticky-Fudge born?

I always felt there was a big need for trendsetting kid’s wear that is on the same fashion level as adult wear but at the same time I wanted to design collections that still allow kids to look like kids. For me it was all about capturing that innocence of being a child in clothing that was trendy and fashion forward.

The Sticky-Fudge journey began 7 years ago at an Organic and Natural produce market in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, South Africa. I could have never imagined the response that the brand received and within no time I had to bring extra hands on board to help me get out all the orders- at this stage I was creating all the orders from out of my garage! From this point on the brand has only grown from strength to strength and today we are in nearly 40 different countries around the globe with our factory in Cape Town, South Africa. We have kept all our manufacturing local and this is something we pride ourselves as we believe in making a difference within the communities that we operate in. I always wanted a brand name that puts a smile back on people’s faces and also explains kids. Sticky-Fudge is that name for me!

Kids clothing from Sticky Fudge

What makes your product stand out from others?

The unique, true to Sticky-Fudge designs and beautiful colour palette. I also really believe that we are able to give children a wardrobe that allows them to be kids and the collections take the art of children’s fashion to a space of expansive imagination, allowing the individual spark within each child to be reflected in how the clothing is worn. I think this is something that makes your collections magical and something that not all designers are able to achieve.

With the Sticky-Fudge range you can build a wardrobe with just a few items and the way it is designed you can get so many different looks by mixing and matching. But most important is that the kids look trendy without taking the kid like innocence away which is extremely important to the designs. We also pride our collections on their 100% cotton composition to allow for easy wearing, comfy designs.

Children clothing from Sticky Fudge

You have a great online shop and established many partnerships with retailers it seems. Could you tell us a bit about the development?

Yes, we launched our online store in South Africa nearly four years ago and it has been a really great experience. We found that while we had many stockists in South Africa their budgets didn’t allow them to purchase the collection in its entirety so we decided to make use of the online store as a type of national showroom! We wanted a platform where the customer was able to view the full collection and have the true Sticky-Fudge experience as the collections always look the strongest when they are shown in full and this is also how you capture the brand look and feel at its best. This online store also helped us to get noticed on an international scale as lots of agents/ potential stockists have contacted us via the online store. Currently the online store only services the South African market place but as the brand expands globally there might be the consideration to launch online stores that service the global market place.

How did you start distribution?

We first began working with our Distributors in Italy, Guffanti Showroom, and from there the demand grew organically. We then started working with agents in Spain, the Benelux, UK, Germany and most recently the USA. Exporting can sometimes be a daunting task but we really do have fantastic agents who have assisted us in growing the brand internationally and making sure distribution runs as smoothly as possible season after season. We really value their input and market insights.

Nevertheless, does the online shop still remain an important segment for you?

Online is a very important segment for us, as mentioned previously. It really allows us to give the end consumer the true Sticky-Fudge experience. When Sticky-Fudge began 7 years ago the decision was first to begin supplying the brand to stockists and retailers and once we found that the brand had gained a significant following we launched the online stores. End Customers that weren’t close to stockists or that wanted to view the full collection were then able to shop online.

Are tradeshows an important tool for you or do you use other ways to establish new retail relationships?

Tradeshows are a great tool for us- particularly in the international markets. We have found most of our agents at the shows and we always end up making some really invaluable connections every time we exhibit. We are always looking to meet new people and build our global networks. We look forward to developing our brand further in the Netherlands in the near future.

Sticky Fudge children's clothing

What do you imagine the future to be like for Stick-Fudge?

Our B2b channels remain one of our most important channels and season after season we are seeing great growth. For a growing brand that is not yet focused on launching retail stores around the world the B2B channel is a great way to build your brand and generate brand awareness. The trick is to make sure that you pick agents/ distributors that really share in the essence of your brand and share the passion for the product and the goals you are striving to achieve as a brand.

Sticky-Fudge’s aim is to become the number one children’s wear brand in the world that through fashion can bring to life magical, fashion forward designs that harness the true meaning of being a child.


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