Team event for Christmas

Another look behind the scenes of – Who are the technological experts behind the platform, who is responsible for the great design, what makes the sales and engagement crew so powerful and how is the team held together? is not just work – we also like to play.

To bring together our young, multicultural team we try to do many outings to get to know each personally, to improve our communication and also, just to have fun. Since we are a young team, constantly growing and sometimes working remotely these team events are an important part for us. This week we all came together in Amsterdam to celebrate Christmas early. As always it started with a good coffee, our weekly stand-up meeting and then morning hours of concentrated work for all. Our office is located on the third floor of the Spaces building right on Vijzelstraat in the city center. Stepping through our door you will be welcomed by the sight of the city through our big windows on clear days and more often than not it will be clouds and a little rain welcoming you. Inside we stay dry, work on a long desk with five people on each side, meet in one corner grouped around a big screen, take a break from sitting moving to a stand-up desk or map out our ideas on the huge blackboard that fills an entire side of the office.

The morning was quiet and as lunchtime approached you could feel the excitement. Only Annemieke, our head of operations, knew what lay ahead of us and so with many question marks in our head we finished off our last bits of work and then shut down our computers to head out to our company own cafeteria for hearty soups and light salads.

The city of Amsterdam offers many attractions. With its old, narrow buildings, the beautiful canals and trees overgrowing bridges it is an inviting sight for a stroll. So that’s what we did, once finished lunch we put on our coats and went outside. We walked for a bit, talked about this and that, the next steps at work but also at home such as moving houses, the upcoming holidays and new wardrobe acquisitions. Before long we arrived at our destination: Escape Room! No one really could have guessed what Annemieke had prepared for us. The idea of the Escape Room is simple, the execution is not. Split up in two groups we had an hour to escape a room filled with riddles using our brains, observational powers and combination intuition in the team. After many laughters and some frustration both groups made it out of the jungle and the middle age and found each other again in the foyer very few minutes before the time to escape was up.

Continuing fun at the Team event

We exchanged our stories of adventures and many laughter later on with a coffee and a legendary dutch apple pie in a cozy cafe on the canals. We continued our day along the canals with a boat ride. During this time of year, early December, the city of Amsterdam always a light festival inviting artists from all around the world to embellish the canals with their light sculptures. The theme for this year’s festival was Friendship and as such the various light sculptures could be discovered both by foot or by boat on the many routes through the historical city center of Amsterdam.

And we did the same, after the coffee and cake we were picked up by our own captain with his wooden boat and brought on a tour around the canals to take in the different light sculptures.

The beautiful day ended with a dinner in an Italian restaurant, many office anecdotes and even more shared laughter. Until tomorrow at 8am at the coffee machine.


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