2016 in review

2016 – What did this year mean for us? What has been going on at over the past 12 months?

Today, as the year 2016 comes to an end, we would like to take a look back at all that has happened with, with our product and with our team. The year has gone by so quickly and so many things have happened. 2016 has been a year of preparation for us: Creating our product, developing the platform, setting up our marketing channels and of course, reaching out to you. Dear retailers and brands, we will soon be ready for you! simplifies wholesale business so you can connect, trade & grow.

Who is behind simplifies the global fashion wholesale industry by introducing a new B2B wholesale marketplace that creates seamless online experiences to maximise our customers business potential and profits. FashionTrade is digital, accessible and transparent. Our team behind the scenes is working hard to open our platform up to you.

If you want to find out more, read about who is behind and our introduction to read on.

At the FashionTrade office team in our old office

New website & new styling

In the beginning of this year we launched a new website to better explain our core concepts, to offer you insightful, in-depth content on our blog and to allow you already to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about FashionTrade’s launch.

On our website you can read about how to connect with new brands and retailers, how to trade smarter with our B2B sales tool and how to enhance your decision-making with market information. Over the past months and through your feedback and our own learnings, we have improved the website and constantly added new content pieces about Fashion News, Efficiency Tools and Market Insights. To make the introduction even more easy, we have created an explanation video and shared it with you in the late spring of 2016: FashionTrade explanation video.

If you haven’t yet already, you can sign up for our newsletter here: Register with FashionTrade!

The team keeps growing

Instead of going on photo safaris during the summer days, we have been hunting front end and back end developers to expand our team. Slowly all the chairs in our office are taken and the development is on its way. Nevertheless, we are always on the look-out for tech-savvy fashionistas to join our team: For our current job openings, we suggest you keep an eye on our Careers page.

A summer of trade shows

Not only our web and mobile developers have been busy at work, the sales team has not been able to rest either. During the month of June we attended various trade shows in Amsterdam, Paris, Florence and Berlin to meet you and to learn about the current trends and landscapes.

All interactions with retailers and brands are shaping our product to better meet your needs and we keep on doing user testing sessions to see how different groups interact with our platform and mobile app. Even though transactions are more and more done online and throughout the year, we still see fashion shows as an important part of our business.

Entering trade show Pitti Bimbo

This is us at the entrance to Pitti Bimbo in Florence


The first brands join us

Through attending trade shows, phone calls and emails from our side we have selected the first brands to join us on the FashionTrade platform starting January. Our founding partners for the children’s wear segment are: Name It, Mamalicious, Chaos & Order, Boof, Pan con Chocolate, Mees, G-sus Junior and Maison Deux.

These are the early adopters. The bold ones that wish to take a step into the future integrating with FashionTrade. Through the platform they will be making use of easy connection to retailers, an improved shopping experience and market insights from all participating parties. Over the next months we will be introducing each brand one by one to show you how the brand was founded, how the business developed and how FashionTrade will impact its b2b business.

Moving to a bigger office

A bigger team means a bigger office. To accommodate our growing team, to have space for discussions and enough walls for prototyping we moved to a new office in September. Luckily we didn’t have to go far and found a new home in the recently opened TQ headquarters on Singel. The office is buzzing with startups, new ideas and collaboration opportunities and is in a great location.

TQ was founded by The Next Web and calls itself a curated tech space, meaning that companies are selected so that a ecosystem can grow and interchanges are facilitated. On our Instagram feed you will get a look at our office: Instagram profile

Working on smooth user experience and a little Wow!

Presenting ideas, listening and condensing

Presenting ideas, listening and condensing

Here you can see us brainstorming during the last Design Sprint. At specific intervals, we all come together to look at one problem and give our different inputs. The Design Sprint is one of the methodologies we use. The idea is to launch a product in the form of a prototype very quickly and to test it with real users to understand if the idea you have developed is good. This is a very enriching experience as it brings together different perspectives and is a quick way of validating an idea.

We will continue sharing our ways of working, such as this design methodology, and you’ll find everything on our blog and through our newsletter.

Sneak peek at our product

While our development team is hunched over their screens, sketching out your future shopping journey on our walls and discussing the most intuitive whilst elegant web experience with our head of design, we’ve gone ahead and snuck a few screenshots from them. For the first time, we shared the first glances at FashionTrade with you in November.

Prototype of our style show Fashiontrade

Super fast search allowing you to search for a specific brand, a category, a colour or a style. Your searches will yield results across brands and collections available to you.

Once you see a product you like you’ll have all details up close. All order information is accessible in one view. Open a product and you’ll see and be able to  order all available colors, sizes and even pre-packs if that is how the brand offers their items.

Mock up of Fashiontrade platform


A stronger team with women’s power

Just like after the summer when our development team grew in size, the winter has brought fresh wind in marketing and sales for us. Kavita, Kristel & Maaike joined us for more power in Marketing, Business Development and Customer Success Management. 

Kavita, our Marketing Manager, brings with her a strong digital marketing background, experience with B2C fashion marketplaces and brand marketing for luxury fashion retailers. Kristel has over 10+ years experience in sales, predominantly in sports & fashion with a focus on wholesale and will be taking on the challenge of further developing our business in Europe. Maaike on the other hand, will help you succeed in her role as Customer Success Manager. She has gained extensive knowledge and experience in fashion wholesale at various levels and will now guide you through the process.

See you in 2017

Looking ahead to January, we hope to see you at Kleine Fabriek, Pitti Bimbo, CIFF Kids or Playtime in Paris. If you are visiting any of these trade shows, be sure to let us know so we can set up a time for you to meet with Kristel and Robert. With the launch of the platform quickly approaching it’s the perfect time to secure your place as a founding partner of



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