Data-driven suggestions allow for new connections to be made between compatible parties based on location, ‘similar to’ brands and hot spots .



Showcase your brand the way you want – across all markets and with an online tool that is simple and seamless for your partners to use.



Actionable market insights & reporting enhance your decision making process – enabling you to grow your business intelligently.


Easily maintain existing relationships and use matchmaking technology to connect with new retailers globally and sell your product. On FashionTrade you can actively scout, using data-suggestions to connect with new retailers and increase the business reach for your segment or region.

Reach out proactively to new retailers

Increase your customer base by proactively reaching out to new retailers or using our matchmaking feature with retailer suggestions that fit your brand’s predefined criteria.

Showcase your brand on your profile

Present your brand in an individual, customisable profile, that includes photos, videos and all information about your brand to attract new retailers and retain active retailers.

TRADE makes it easy for you to transact online. Your retail partners will love the seamless and simple buying experience while you and your team relish the clear overview of all your sales in one single place. Wholesale selling online has never been easier! 

Easy ordering experience for retailers

All your transactions in one place

Mobile sales tool for your team


Sell more of the right products at the right time! We use the best digital technologies and innovation to facilitate growth and help you maximise your sales. Enjoy using the tailored data-insights we provide you with to make decisions based on real data. Harness the power of your sales data and anonymised market insights to help you make smarter business decisions.

Improve your performance

Based on market insights, gathered from all players on our platform, you will be able to improve the decision making for your collections.

Increase your reach

Based on buying behaviour, our aggregated data will suggest new retailers you will be able to reach out to through

Simple integration


Select your collections and setup your personalised brand profile.


Upload your product data file to display your collections online.


Connect with new retailers and share your new digital showroom with existing partners.

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