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Join FashionTrade to increase profitability by connecting with new customers,
processing sales with a cutting edge B2B tool and selling your products more efficiently.

Customise your profile and be discovered by new retailers.

Create a customised brand profile and integrate your social channels to ensure your brand messages reach retailer partners.

Proactively reach out to new retailers across Europe using search based on location, similar to brands and hotspot heat mapping.

Streamline your business and save costs by inviting your current retailers to join you on FashionTrade. You can do all your business on one platform!

Capture global sales from all your retailers.

Placing orders is simple and seamless via a platform designed specifically for the fashion industry.

As a mobile sales tool, the FashionTrade app and barcode scanning is perfect for business on the go and fashion trade shows.

Create reports, filter and sort your orders and use data insights to ensure the growth of your business.

Simple integration


Upload your data via API or CSV to display your products & collections


Complete your profile including photo’s of your shop and social media accounts


Connect with existing retail partners and reach out to new ones to start selling!

The Future of Fashion Wholesale.

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