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We know that wholesale selling needs improvement.
 So fashionTrade allows you to…

Improve collaboration with your sales reps, agents & distributors.

Save on technology, catalogue, samples and showroom costs.

Access the best tech with no in-house maintenance.

Customise your digital showroom and be discovered.

Create a customised brand profile and integrate your social channels to ensure your brand ID reaches retail partners.

Connect with new retailers globally using search based on location, similar to brands and hotspot heat mapping.

Proactively reach out to partners with product promotions, online look books and seasonal offers that drive additional sales in-between traditional buying seasons.

Capture global sales.

Become a multi-channel wholesaler. Give key accounts every opportunity to buy from you and service long-tail partners while controlling your brand identity globally.

Provide a 24/7 buying app for your retailers. The fashionTrade app and barcode scanner is perfect for every buying opportunity.

Trade smarter and increase work efficiencies to improve your revenue and margins.


Tired of writing paper orders?
Ditch the paper and increase sales!

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