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We know that wholesale selling needs improvement.
fashionTrade enables you to…

Improve collaboration with your sales reps, agents & distributors.

Save on technology, catalogue, samples and showroom costs.

Access the best tech with no in-house maintenance.

Customise your digital showroom and be discovered.

Be discoverable, open for trade 24/7 via one platform and control your brand identity globally.

Connect with your current retailers and prospect globally for new ones based on location and category.

Trade smarter by increasing your work efficiencies to improve revenue and margins. Sell whenever and wherever you like!

Capture global sales.

Simplify B2B for yourself and your retail partners. Take advantage of selling and buying in a parallel process via a single platform

Scan, select, checkout on-the-go and offer quick replenishment to your retailers. You can share promotions directly into your retailers hands.

Become a multi-channel wholesaler. Focus on key accounts but also serve your long-tail partners efficiently.

Tired of writing paper orders?
Ditch the paper and increase sales!

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