Wholesale platform for fashion

Order taking and writing on paper at trade fairs was yesterday. There is a more effective way for fashion business online: Wholesale platforms are changing the way we do business. Instead of meeting at trade shows twice a year or calling up sellers/buyers through the phonebook you can easily do business online anytime you want. Nowadays wholesale is done online: With a few clicks you select a brand, you select single items and you place your order.

On FashionTrade you will your own space to sell and buy fashion online: A wholesale platform that allows brands to have their own virtual showroom and sales platform, increasing their customer base through discovering new opportunities to grow the business while at the same time decreasing the cost of selling. Retailers can access all brands in one single online platform and increase revenues through new opportunities and data-enriched purchase decisions which at the same time will reduce their risk in fashion buying.

Wholesale online

Wholesale platforms allow for brands and retailers to trade their merchandise online from any place and at any time. There is no need to meet or to coordinate: The brand offer their products on their own profile on which the retailer can shop independently. Such platforms are known for business to consumer models, yet they work just as efficiently for retail fashion trading. With FashionTrade we have done just that: Taking inspiration from the business to consumer market and existing technological solution to fashion buying and selling we have created our very own platform, an ecommerce for brands and retailers. FashionTrade makes the global fashion business more transparent and accessible and brings three distinct features to the market: A customer acquisition marketplace for both brands and retailers, a business to business commerce platform and an intelligent data pool for enhanced decision making.

Wholesale has reached a new level in making fashion trading smarter, quicker and overall more efficient. Discover all the advantages on FashionTrade.

Wholesale online commerce

A commerce platform for wholesale includes profiles both for brands and retailers, a contact tool similar to known Customer Relationship Management tools, a marketplace to shop online, an intelligent basket and finally loads of market and personal data that support both retailers and brands in their decision making process. Wholesale commerce platforms such as FashionTrade make fashion trading more accessible and efficient. It is time we change our ways from writing orders on paper.

Find out more about the different features and benefits FashionTrade offers you below.

FashionTrade for


Increase turnover & profitability
Reach out proactively to new retailers
Simplified sales with our ecommerce solution
Enhanced decision making with actionable insights

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FashionTrade for


Increase turnover & decrease sourcing costs
Discover & connect with new brands
Order all your brands anytime in one place
Use our data-generated suggestions and insights

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