Welcome Offer Terms & Conditions

  1. The fashionTrade WELCOME OFFER, also known as ‘the promotion’ is valid from February 12th until March 31st 2018.
  2. fashionTrade will reimburse buyers 10% of their order value (ex VAT), as confirmed in the order confirmation the customer receives via email. Herein this amount is known as “the payment”.
  3. The promotion is valid on multiple orders made in the duration of the promotion.
  4. The maximum value of the cashback for the entire duration of the promotion is €10.000 per customer.  This includes customers who make multiple orders and multiple accounts.
  5. When an order is placed, a fashionTrade representative will contact the retailer within one business day using the contact information provided in the retailer profile. fashionTrade will request additional information including confirmation of the order number and for their bank account details (IBAN) where the payment will be made to.
    1. The payment will be made on the net purchase, after any returns.
    2. The payment will be calculated and paid in Euros.
    3. Payment receipt can take up to 30 days.
  6. Customers that don’t respond within 60 days of making their order waive the right to claiming the promotion.

Any questions, complaints or comments about the promotion can be emailed to hello@fashiontrade.com or sent as a chat message via our website www.fashiontrade.com.

These terms and conditions were last modified on February 27th 2018.