Data-driven suggestions allow for new connections to be made between compatible parties based on location, ‘similar to my’ brands and hot spots .



Buying has never been simpler! Shop numerous brands, across many markets and with an online tool that is simple and seamless to use.



Actionable market insights & reporting enhance your decision making process – enabling you to buy your stock intelligently.


Keep your store exciting for your customers and ensure your always visible to suppliers. Allow new brands to find you and decide if your store fits in their expansion plans. Easily increase your number of qualified suppliers – through your own outreach and our data-based suggestions. Keep your store profile up to date to maximise your exposure.

Easy access to new brands

Create your store profile with photos, location(s) and a summary of your concept so that new brands can find you or let us suggest your store to them.

Discover new brands and connect

Browse brand profiles and find new brands that fit with your store concept and customers. With one click you can reach out to make a new connection.


Reduce costs and save time buying

Do your buying 24/7 on our attractive and easy to use online marketplace. Browsing digital showrooms simplifies your buying process and enables you to place orders anytime, anywhere. is with you on the road and at Trade Shows so you can pre fill and save your favourite products before you step into meetings. In your dashboard you can check your connected brands and past orders!


Buy the right products at the right time! We use the best digital technologies and innovation to facilitate growth and help you maximise your eventual sales. Enjoy using the tailored data-insights we provide you with to make decisions based on real data. Harness the power of anonymised market insights to help you make smarter business decisions. 

Never lose a sale

Easily manage the availability of styles for your customers by incorporating market insights and trend information to develop an irresistible assortment for your customers. Check the stock availability of your suppliers and place orders directly from your POS or on the go. Enjoy a historical view of all your transactions in one place.

Higher efficiency for your buying process enables you to prepare your showroom visits online or to place orders directly. Replenishment is easy with all your suppliers in one overview whilst market insights help you to make the right decisions. The result – a better offering and more time to assist your customers.

Simple integration


Complete your details and register your store on


Complete your store profile including social connections and photos of your shop


Connect with existing brand partners, reach out to new ones and start buying your newest collections.

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