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Behind just one login, FashionTrade let’s you discover and connect with new brands and shop from multiple brands at once; saving you time and money.

How can FashionTrade help your business?

Search and buy from many brands, across many markets in one online tool that is simple and seamless to use.

Save time and money by pre-filling your basket to prepare for showroom visits. Maximise face-to-face time and reduce the potential for costly errors.

Use market insights & retailer reporting to enhance your decision making process – buy your stock to maximise profits.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Request an invite and register your business. Once approved you can customise your Retailer Profile!

Search for and connect with your existing Brand partners and request connections with new, relevant brands.

Start buying! Browse online showrooms and compare products and pricing. Line sheets have never been simpler to use, share and save.

The Future of Fashion Wholesale.

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