Wholesale apparel

The wholesale apparel market can be very fragmented depending on the fashion segment, price tier or even the location. Yet oftentimes a buyer is looking for access to many different brands and finds himself looking through countless platforms. At FashionTrade.com we have put a stop to that: FashionTrade is the one stop marketplace where all wholesale apparel can be traded. Brands create their profile, stock their virtual showroom and connect to retailers through our powerful matchmaking tool. Retailers list their company and locations, benefit from brand promotions and shop all brands in one single space. Business is done anytime, anywhere.

FashionTrade is not only a directory for wholesale apparel but rather an integrated solution for buyers and sellers to do business online. Find out more and request a demo:

Wholesale apparel distributors

FashionTrade is a marketplace for wholesale apparel distributors: For brands and retailers to connect and do business online. With an easy platform there is no need to recur to middlemen such as distributors: Brands and Retailers connect directly reducing their cost of selling and purchasing.

Our core technology is a highly advanced cloud-based platform developed for the B2B fashion industry. We are search and data-driven and via strategic collaborations we have developed a highly scalable, always accessible platform that will present a virtual showroom on your screen. Industry standard management systems and automated business reporting alongside a variety of complementary features for both brands and retailers will be part of the game.

Wholesale markets

Depending on the product there are many different wholesale markets, yet all have something in common: They need a reliable place for trading, for merchandise to exchange hands between producers and buyers. What traditionally was done on a physical market, nowadays takes place online on marketplaces such as our very own FashionTrade. FashionTrade is a one stop marketplace for brands and retailers to do business. Through our matchmaking tool new relationships are formed, through our powerful ecommerce platform goods are interchanged and throughout market insights and big data decision making processes are improved. Sign up or request a demo for FashionTrade: