Wholesale ecommerce platform

FashionTrade is your go-to wholesale e-commerce platform for fashion buying and selling. Both retailers and brands find a solution for their wholesale trading: Brands expose their collections, retailers access them, get inspired by the lookbook and shop the collection online. Payment and order taking made easy!

With your own profile you can access a wide range of new contacts expanding your business opportunities and showcase your company. Fashion commerce is done easily on our online marketplace.

For Brands this means having their own visual showroom, taking pre-orders and orders at any time throughout the year and not having to worry about an extra order writing tool.

For Retailers this means a quick and easy solution to shop all known and new brands in one single place: No need to click through different systems, on FashionTrade you can shop all brands on the same platform, add collections to the cart and even serve multiple stores.

Wholesale commerce platform

FashionTrade comes as an online platform that makes any available wholesale commerce software obsolete. Being connected, brands can continuously and effortlessly update their collection, their stock levels and their settings to accept new retailers or not. Retailers on the other hand will always see the best selling items first, won’t miss any promotions and will be sure to have their purchase fulfilled. Wholesale commerce is done online – On FashionTrade we offer buyers and sellers an improved experience of forging new relationships, of shopping and buying easily and of making use of actionable market insight data to improve future decision making.

Softwares for selling are not longer needed – FashionTrade takes an overall approach to fashion selling and brings it online it a one-stop marketplace for brands and retailers.

Wholesale solution

FashionTrade is the wholesale solution for fashion buying and selling. On our one-stop marketplace we connect brands and retailers and enable them to trade easily, to develop new opportunities and to forge stronger relationships all the while decreasing the cost of doing business.

FashionTrade is a holistic wholesale solution: We offer a matchmaking service to create new business contacts, a commerce tool to shop and sell online and a powerful data tool to improve decision making both for the retailer and the brand. FashionTrade is available as a web app for desktop computer but also as a native application for mobile phones so that business can be done on the go. Sales representatives and purchase managers stay in touch, send out promotions and take orders from the mobile app. View more below on our wholesale trading solution: